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Skills for Switzerland is your direct path to digital know-how. Find out how you can reskill and upskill to help future-proof your career – no matter if you are a professional or a beginner.

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Top 10 learning paths

Discover learning paths for the 10 most in-demand digital jobs.

Software Developer

Ready for Python? Take advantage of LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn to master the basics of software development.

Required skills: JavaScript, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, Python

Sales Representative

How well do you know CRM? Learn the basic knowledge needed on LinkedIn Learning to become successful in sales.

Required skills: CRM, new business development, B2B, social media

Project Manager

Project phases? PMBOK?
Become a project manager and learn the necessary know-how with this LinkedIn learning path.

Required skills: Program management, process optimization, project performance

Digital Marketing Specialist

How proficient are you with SEO and Google Analytics?
Digital marketing is essential in any business.

Required skills: Social media, SEO, online marketing/ads, email marketing, Google Analytics


How skilled are you with Linux? In just a few steps, you will learn the tasks of IT admins.

Required skills: Windows Server, Active Directory, Linux, VMware

Customer Service Specialist

The customer is king – but how can you make the customer happy? The direct path to becoming a customer service specialist.

Required skills: Customer satisfaction/experience, data collection, CRM, administrative analysis


Having trouble with Office files or with OneDrive for Business? As a Support Technician, you will help others with hardware issues.

Required skills: Troubleshooting, Active Directory, computer hardware, Windows Server

Data Analyst

SQL or BI mean nothing to you? This learning path will take you step-by-step through data analysis tasks and on a direct path to becoming a skilled expert.

Required skills: Data analytics, analytics, SQL, BI

Financial Analyst

What are trends based on financial data? Acquire the relevant skills and learn all about balance sheets, data and investments.

Required skills: Financial analysis, risk management, accounting, analytical skills, data analysis

Graphic Designer

How do I design with InDesign? What are the specifics of typography? In just a few steps, you will become familiar with the most important programs for Graphic Design.

Required skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Creative Suite

Kickstart with AI

Free tools and fundamentals of generative AI for project managers, executives, and students. Ethics and practical machine learning with Microsoft Azure – without any coding.

Courses and certifications

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in a field, digitally savvy or tech novice, our hands-on learning experience will help you reach your learning goals faster. Find out how you can develop your digital skills at your own pace.


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We can help you strategically develop the skills of your people and your company. Create flexible opportunities for your team so you can grow together and stay digitally fit.

Secure into the future

Strengthen your Cyber-IT skills: Unlock advanced knowledge in network security and threat defense on Microsoft Learn.

Do more
with Teams!

Home office, hybrid workforce or remote work are terms that have become part of a new work culture in recent times. New work necessitates new tools – for example Microsoft Teams. Take part in our free learning sessions and learn how to use Microsoft Teams for much more than video conferencing: from scheduling meetings and creating working groups to managing apps, bots and connectors.

We show you how to use Microsoft Teams: From scheduling meetings to managing apps, bots and connectors. Sign up now.

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Are you a career changer and need to become more digitally savvy? No problem – our basic courses will help you find your way around the digital skills required in the future and stay fit for the job market.

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