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Our Initiative

“Skills for Switzerland” is an initiative of Campbell & Jones, supported by Microsoft Schweiz GmbH and Adecco Group Switzerland.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global economic crisis that has put tens of millions of people out of work. In addition to globalization and automation, the most vulnerable now face the additional impact of losing their jobs or businesses due to COVID-19. Some of the jobs that were lost may not return.

But the jobs that do come back will also look different – people will shift back to an even more digital economy. In just two months, we have witnessed a “digital transformation” that would take two years under normal circumstances. This accelerated digital transformation means that both old and new jobs will require more digital skills.

This increases the skills requirements for individuals and employers alike.
In light of this, we want to offer further training in various digital areas with “Skills for Switzerland” with the clear goal of advancing the digital knowledge of the Swiss population.

Our platform offers a wide range of information, training, certifications and current job opportunities. Choose your learning path and acquire new digital skills – at your own pace.

In addition to the extensive range of courses, certifications and trainings, the integrated job portal of the Adecco Group Switzerland directly shows matching job opportunities.

Future Skilling Study

The results of the Future Skilling Study show that only 19% of Swiss employees acquired new digital skills in 2018.

Studies on the Swiss labor market

The labor market is changing more than ever. The studies and white papers of the Adecco Group Switzerland track this development.